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John Palacio began his study of petroglyphs in 1974 under Wilson Turner in California. In recreating his ancient rock art designs, he strives to raise public consciousness by preserving the original symbols and etchings without destroying or removing them from their natural surroundings. By sculpting symbols into the naturally aged patina of basalts, Palacio carefully recreates ancient mystic images. The replicas are one-of-a-kind...hand carved so that no two are exactly alike. They make a wonderful gift, reminiscent of Southwest Indian artistry.

Use as an interior accent on end tables or bookshelves...or let them enhance your flower garden, pool or patio. Wherever you place them, you'll find they are true conversation pieces!

Palacio's authentic and respected pieces may be seen in offices, schools and homes throughout the Southwest. In 1990, Palacio was commissioned by the Larson Company to recreate petroglyphs that can be seen at Superstition Springs Mall in Mesa, Arizona. He was featured on NBC Eyewitness News and the University of Arizona's educational television program, Arizona Illustrated, in Tucson, Arizona.